Tax Liens and Foreclosures

Taylor and Keyser represents individuals, small groups, and institutions in the servicing of their tax lien investments in the State of New Jersey.  Robert Keyser has over twenty years’ experience in all facets of tax lien practice. He is a member of the Board of Directors and President of the National Tax Lien Association. He is a frequent speaker to groups of tax lien investors and parties interested in considering this type of investment.  The firm’s services include:

  1. Foreclosing on tax liens from the initial notices through final judgment.  We have prosecuted several thousand tax liens through final judgment or redemption.  Our services include evictions and dealing with residential and commercial tenants at the property.
  2. Representation of tax lien investors as creditors in all aspects of bankruptcy proceedings.
  3. Handling litigation between tax lien investors, property owners and other parties.  Mr. Keyser has handled cases at the trial level and Appellate courts, including three matters involving significant decisions in the industry at the New Jersey Supreme Court.
  4. The sale, purchase and leasing of REO (real estate owned) that results from the foreclosure of tax liens.  We have unmatched experience and expertise in dealing with questions raised by title insurance companies that arise in the purchase of property acquired by tax lien foreclosure.
  5. The purchase and sale of tax lien portfolios, as well as REO portfolios.
  6. Consultation on investment strategies involving tax sale certificates, or commercial mortgages on the secondary market.